WHMCS Development Services at Buy Now Depot

WHMCS is a software suite that offers robust Web hosting and management services and a broad array of powerful features built on top. Unlike many of the software environments that have proliferated among Web developers, WHMCS is actually a commercial product that offers full vendor support. Thus, it is not just an aggrandized toolkit that has been propped up courtesy of endless dubious efforts on the part of an unseen army of volunteer busybodies. Rather, it provides a fully integrated, fully consistent environment for website development, handling everything from content generation to business logic to the uttermost display management details. WHCMS also integrates tightly with cPanel, which is the industry-leading software tool for deploying and managing complex, multi-client Web servers that embrace multiple logical and virtual sites, whether fully locally deployed or heavily dependent upon cloud-resident resources.

WHMCS has been architected to provide an all-in-one solution that offers client management, billing, and support for online e-businesses. As such, it provides extensive and powerful facilities to integrate your website with payment mechanisms and authorization gateways. With its proven ability to handle every phase of the e-commerce experience, ranging from customer signup to browsing up and down the e-aisles to account deletion, WHCMS enables Buy Now Depot’s software engineers to develop complete turnkey solutions that place you, our customer, in firm control of his own destiny.

WHMCS offers a wide array of features that make it a snap to build the most specifically detailed and finely tuned e-commerce sites. On the user management side, it provides for automatic creation, suspension, and termination of accounts as well as automated cyclical billing. It features an integrated client support center that is able to create tickets, control their flow, and afford immediate access to a powerful knowledge base that makes it easy for your staff—or a dedicated Buy Now Depot support team—to process them. On the management side, WHMCS provides for a plethora of payment tracking options and allied statistical reports. The control panel is extraordinarily customizable, courtesy of an ingeniously conceived template facility.

Also unlike competing products, WHMCS provides a fully programmable environment that enables Buy Now Depot engineers to augment your website with what it terms “projects,” tools and management utilities that afford particularly rich semantics. One project that is offered out of the box is wbTeamPro, a comprehensive project management solution that is completely integrated into the WHCMS customer management and billing system. wbTeamPro enables both your staff and cooperating post-sales consultants from Buy Now Depot to automate the entirety of the business process—including application flow, complex displays, and underlying procedural logic—from end to end. wbTeamPro is a critically important add-on to WHMCS because it enables Buy Now Depot to augment your customer-centered product advertising and selling model with equally customer-centered help and support. Project dashboards, action time tracking, and ticket time tracking capabilities make it possible for the entirety of the supportive workflow to be monitored and controlled. An ingenious “console tree” model for individual tasks makes it easy to drill down to arbitrary levels of detail while simultaneously maintaining the global conceptual viewpoint.

WHMCS development is only one of the technical and marketing specialties that set Buy Now Depot apart from the crowd. Our worldwide team of engineers possesses consummate technical skills in software design, development, and documentation. They not only are expert in applying the latest life-cycle methodologies, but also are cognizant of the most advanced testing and debugging techniques that enable us to deliver verifiably bug-free code that our competitors cannot. Furthermore, Buy Now Depot’s SEM and SEO experts are capable of orchestrating winning marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to drive customers from their desktops and smartphones straight to your shopping carts. Choose Buy Now Depot as your WHMCS software source and thereby facilitate branding your site as head and shoulders above those who dare to compete against you.