Shopify is a proprietary e-commerce platform built by its namesake corporation, which is based in Ottawa. The software is able to provide the fundamental transaction processing engine for both online stores that use a shopping cart model and retail-oriented point-of-sale (POS) systems. Beginning as a “roll your own” solution that enabled those with limited budgets to get bare-bones e-commerce solutions up and running in short order, the platform has recently experienced a dramatic growth surge. Indeed, it number of merchant accountholders that it services will soon cross the one million mark, while annual sales atop Shopify-enabled platforms are estimated to exceed fifty billion dollars.

Building quality software is an elusive goal. The best laid plans often spiral out of control, leading to solutions that are intractable and—once reined in—escape from the bottle all too soon. By way of contrast, Shopify was characterized by CNET as “clean, simple, and easy to use.” This makes it possible for Buy Now Depot software engineers to build clean, tightly structured e-commerce systems for you that are easy for third party analysts to understand. This is critically important because it facilitates the objective of PCI compliance, which is mandatory if you intend to process any appreciable volume of live transactions. In these challenging times of hacker-on-hacker mischief, we can thereby offer you turnkey e-commerce solutions that are maximally safe and secure and offer heartfelt assurances to your discriminating customers, which keeps them returning again and again to stuff their e-shopping carts with expensive goodies. Shopify supports a goodly variety of subjacent engines for accepting payment from your clients, ranging from a variety of credit and debit cards to PayPal.

Shopify Plus is a newly released add-on to Shopify that offers the best of breed in e-commerce website integration and management. More critically, it supports multi-channel, enterprise-level e-commerce without the burdensome price tag of Magento, Netsuite, or Hybris. Also, owing to the purity and discipline of its underlying architecture, Shopify Plus offers you the most robust and scalable platform obtainable. It supports full cloud-based deployment and can offer new levels of guarantees in terms of availability and uptime. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with and customizes effortless for a huge variety of platforms. These features enable Buy Now Depot to rapidly build you best-of-breed solutions that offer your discerning clients outstanding e-shopping experiences that will hook them and keep them coming back.

Shopify focuses on offering facility of engineering support. For example, the literal touch of the “Buy Button” suffices to convert a run-of-the-mill Joomla! site into a fully functional e-commerce platform. The button itegrates completely with Shopify’s secure checkout mechanism and also supports comprehensive order and client analytics tools. Capitalizing upon their expertise with these tools, Buy Now Depot marketing specialists can ensure that your seamless, custom-developed, one-click shopping cart portal offers your discerning and well-heeled visitors a comprehensive e-shopping experience that affords the ultimate in convenience and ease of use.

Shopify development is only one of the technical and marketing specialties that set Buy Now Depot apart from the crowd. Our worldwide team of engineers possesses consummate technical skills in software design, development, and documentation. They not only are expert in applying the latest life-cycle methodologies, but also are cognizant of the most advanced testing and debugging techniques that enable us to deliver verifiably bug-free code that our competitors cannot. Furthermore, Buy Now Depot’s SEM and SEO experts are capable of orchestrating winning marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to drive customers from their desktops and smartphones straight to your shopping carts. Choose Buy Now Depot as your Shopify software source and thereby facilitate branding your site as head and shoulders above those who dare to compete against you.