Ruby on Rails, often called simply Rails, is a Web application framework that executes on the server. It is written in the Ruby language, a bold new paradigm in object-oriented and functional programming that was introduced in the early 2000s. Ruby on Rails implements the familiar model-view-controller, or MVC, framework that is seen in many competing Web development environments. The system provides default support for Web pages, an underlying Web server, and an interconnected database server. Yet, despite these apparent commonalities with other solutions, Ruby on Rails has been so expertly conceived and constructed that it has influenced—and continues to influence—the design of competing Web frameworks to this day.

Ruby on Rails is built in such a way that the programmer can directly integrate other mechanisms and tools that make use of common Web standards. These include JSON and XML for data transfer, and JavaScript and CSS for user interface and display management. Its architecture is so novel that, more than a decade after its introduction, it is continuing to influence a wide array of Web frameworks, including Python Django, PHP Laravel, Sails.js, and Phoenix. The Ruby on Rails architecture also supports the full complement of “design patterns” and associated engineering paradigms, making it easy for Buy Now Depot’s staff to choose and recompose prewritten and thoroughly tested modules in order to construct a full application that satisfies the needs of your discriminating customers.

As it is typically built, a Ruby on Rails application depends, first and foremost, upon a model that is implemented as a database table and an associated Ruby source code file. The associated controller is a server-side component of the architecture that is able to receive and process requests directed from customers surfing your website to the Web server. It processes these requests for Web services by choosing combinations of files to be delivered to and rendered on the client display. The controller automatically coordinates all necessary underlying actions, including database access, static HTML retrieval, and dynamic HTML generation.

Unlike many other Web frameworks, Ruby on Rails constitutes a complete software engineering environment that facilitates the efforts of Buy Now Depot’s engineers to bring the best in practices and methodologies to bear for our valued clients. Scaffolding tools enable some of the views and models that provide the bulk of routine Web pages without any expenditure of actual programmer effort. WEBrick, distributed with the environment, constitutes a full-featured, Ruby-oriented Web server that is useful for testing a nascent website in phases. The Rake build system combines the latest concepts in software configuration management, documentation management, and version control.

Like other best-of-breed solutions, Ruby on Rails has been built to take optimum advantage of pre-engineered quality components. For example, it makes extensive use of JavaScript library and of Prototype as a means for scripting Ajax behaviors. The latest versions of Ruby on Rails have progressed from reliance upon lightweight SOAP Web services to the more comprehensive RESTful service layer. Further, the system fully supports jQuery in concert with the industry-wide move toward greater reliance upon this powerful technology.

Two other issues that are admirably addressed by the Ruby on Rails environment are scalability and security. While the original Ruby interpreter failed to deliver screaming performance, recent engineering by the core Ruby team has utterly transformed the engine into a data processing powerhouse. In the security arena, while various researchers discovered assorted exploits, including some that subverted the engine and others that could steal sensitive cookie data, these have all been religiously corrected, making Ruby on Rails the most robust possible development environment from which Buy Now Depot’s software experts can possibly build your customized website.

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