Magento is an enterprise-class platform for enabling e-commerce. It has rapidly proliferated to become arguably the leading e-commerce platform, powering several hundred thousand online retail establishments and, in fact, being the vehicle of choice for more than one-fourth of online business. Magento is the logical choice for an e-commerce software substrate because it provides powerful programming features and a straightforward administrative interface. The combination of these two capabilities makes it a snap to control the unique content, functionality, and look and feel of the retail site that is of such critical importance to your customers and, indeed, the lifeblood of your e-business.

The Magento code, unlike many competitors, is open-source, which makes it particularly useful for online business. Its open-source nature encouraged contributions by a broad and deep community of volunteer developers. As a result, Magento has an extremely well-defined, highly flexible architecture that is eminently scalable and has succeeded in almost automatically establishing an extensive technical support network and cooperative developer community. Moreover, the platform supports a multitude of programming features that enable Buy Now Depot’s software engineers to build your firm websites that are receptive and friendly to both users and search engines.

The underlying organization of its e-commerce engine supports a variety of extremely flexible models for structuring your website. Furthermore, Magento integrates quite easily with a variety of third-party sites, including payment gateways, that are absolutely vital to running a fully functional e-commerce website. Under the hood, Magento supports a plethora of payment methods and technologies, including credit and debit cards, checks, money orders, Google checkouts, and PayPal transfers. The engine is sufficiently configurable to enable suites of product choices within a single order to drop-ship to either one or multiple recipient addresses. It also affords extremely straightforward management of such orders by means of its administrative panel. The panel not only tracks order history and product status, but integrates directly with a variety of RSS and e-mail feeds. Products can be searched and offered in a variety of configurable formats, giving your paying clients a maximally efficient service for fulfilling their needs and spending money at your site. Finally, the engine advertises and indexes products in a manner that is eminently compatible with prevailing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.