Joomla! is a content management system (CMS). It is not only open source, meaning that it is naturally attended by a huge, self-directing consortium of contributors and critics, but also free. Like so many competing systems, Joomla (we omitted the exclamation point [!]—and will continue doing so—because it makes our persnickety grammar checker unhappy) is built based upon the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern. It also deserves more than casual mention that the Joomla product suite is available completely free of charge.

The principal corpus of Joomla was written in the core PHP language. As such, it takes advantage of the many object-oriented programming techniques that PHP affords, including a rich store of design patterns. It also integrates fully and directly with the underlying MySQL database engine. Unlike many competitors, Joomla incorporates open database connection technology that directly supports interaction with such commercial products as MS SQL and PostgreSQL. Its integration with the underlying data model makes it a snap for Buy Now Depot engineers to build Joomla systems that effortlessly process RSS feeds, news flashes, and blogs. These pieces are thoughtfully integrated into logical wholes that operate seamlessly together: indeed, the very name Joomla derives from the Swahili word for ‘together’.

Joomla is undeniably one of the most popular such platforms on the Web by far, having been downloaded for at least evaluation—and, presumably, actual use, even productization—nearly one hundred million times. Some 8,000 free and paid extensions to the product are available at the Joomla Extensions Directory, which is similar in spirit to the Google Play Store for Android and the CPAN archive for Perl. This broad and deep support infrastructure has made Joomla the second most heavily used content management system on the Internet, just behind WordPress.

Joomla has a light installed footprint, executing directly atop the LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) and MAMP (Microsoft Windows-etc.) software stacks. Its approach to installation and configuration is so flexible that it is all but trivial to port a Joomla site, once developed, to a parallel platform. This is a critically important feature, since porting from platform to platform is one of the traditional bugbears of software engineering that frustrates and confounds such mellifluous goals as “software reuse” and “automatic programming.”

Joomla offers a particularly semantically rich programming environment that enables Buy Now Depot’s staff to build world-class websites that satisfy your discriminating clients and keep them coming back to stuff those e-shopping carts. The environment actually supports eight unique types of add-ons. The most complex among these are so-called components that naturally subdivide the rendition and business logic components of a page into easy used and recomposed pieces. Plug-ins can be added that address just about any contingency that can be imagined while templates facilitate the management and extension of complex website layouts, styles, and looks and feels.

Other categories of Joomla add-ons include direct support for recursively specifiable packages and international character sets that effortlessly interoperate with both Acrobat and Postscript.

Joomla development is only one of the technical and marketing specialties that set Buy Now Depot apart from the crowd. Our worldwide team of engineers possesses consummate technical skills in software design, development, and documentation. They not only are expert in applying the latest life-cycle methodologies, but also are cognizant of the most advanced testing and debugging techniques that enable us to deliver verifiably bug-free code that our competitors cannot. Furthermore, Buy Now Depot’s SEM and SEO experts are capable of orchestrating winning marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to drive customers from their desktops and smartphones straight to your shopping carts. Choose Buy Now Depot as your Joomla software source and thereby facilitate branding your site as head and shoulders above those who dare to compete against you.