Drupal is a content management system (CMS) that is written in PHP. It is an open source implementation that is distributed with the GNU license. The software accounts for roughly one in forty websites worldwide, which may not sound like much but actually translates into many millions of sites. Drupal implementations range from personal blogs, to corporate websites, to government-sponsored information repositories. As a content management system, Drupal also finds application as a “knowledge management” software that forms a fundamental building block of emergent artificial intelligence (AI) systems as well as business intelligence (BI) applications, including executive information systems (EIS).

Drupal is built atop a substrate that is known as the Drupal core. The core offers features that occur throughout most content management systems, ranging from menu-driven system administration and user account management, to interfacing with a multitude of RSS data feeds, to the uttermost details of page layout. The Drupal core can form the heart of a standalone website and can be extended to provide Buy Now Depot’s software engineers a powerful, general-purpose framework for Web application development. Because of its flexibility, Drupal compares quite favorably to other popular content management systems (CMS), including WordPress and Joomla. While some programmers feel that Drupal is more sophisticated and therefore more difficult to use, Buy Now Depot engineers are fond of Drupal’s expressive power, efficiency, and rock-solid organization. Drupal is immediately amenable to the development of customized e-commerce websites that are both powerful and eye-catching and will serve well to attract paying clients to your site and ensure that they keep their shopping carts piled high.

Unlike many other frameworks—which rely upon the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern—Drupal is based upon what is termed the presentation-abstraction-controller (PAC) architecture. The controller corresponds to Drupal’s menu system. It takes its input directives from directives framed in the standard HTTP protocol using either the GET or POST syntax. These requests are routed to any of an array of “helper” functions that interrogate and update data that resides in the abstraction layer. Finally, information retrieved from that layer is preprocessed and filtered to generate a user-friendly presentation that conforms to any of various programmable themes, or skins. At the same time, Drupal’s open source nature means that there exists a sizable community of experts who are able to provide detailed internals information or contribute custom-written library modules at a moment’s notice. These facts mean that Drupal is easy to customize for your particular business application. Its customizability extends to its multitude of layouts and designs, which enable Buy Now Depot to deliver a turnkey solution that conforms ultra-precisely—rather than generally, as if often the case with custom software—with the exacting specifications on which you worked so very hard.

The architecture of Drupal also enables its core features and functions to be deployed with ease. It even enables Buy Now Depot engineers to make on-the-fly updates and more substantive modifications while your website is actually running and processing live transactions. This makes it a snap to modify your website in response to both evolving business requirements and spur-of-the-moment customer feedback. At the same time, Drupal supports extensive interoperability with a multitude of social media sites, courtesy of its rich library of flexible, well-designed APIs. In fact, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics all interface directly to Drupal. The APIs further enable Buy Now Depot engineers to craft custom modules that mine data from these critical media and take advantage of them to continually refine and perfect your business posture.

Drupal development is only one of the technical and marketing specialties that set Buy Now Depot apart from the crowd. Our worldwide team of engineers possesses consummate technical skills in software design, development, and documentation. They not only are expert in applying the latest life-cycle methodologies, but also are cognizant of the most advanced testing and debugging techniques that enable us to deliver verifiably bug-free code that our competitors cannot. Furthermore, Buy Now Depot’s SEM and SEO experts are capable of orchestrating winning marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to drive customers from their desktops and smartphones straight to your shopping carts. Choose Buy Now Depot as your Drupal software source and thereby facilitate branding your site as head and shoulders above those who dare to compete against you.