Adobe ColdFusion is a software platform that supports rapid development of Web applications. Unlike many other offerings in the field of Web programming, ColdFusion is a commercial product backed by the reputation and technical support capabilities of a major software house. Although the product began as a straightforward tool to facilitate the interconnect of HTML pages to back-end databases, it rapidly emerged to support a rich set of features, including a platform including a comprehensive scripting language and a full interactive development environment (IDE). Buy Now Depot experts possess a particularly rich history of developing complex applications in ColdFusion for a wide variety of system environments and business applications. While ColdFusion is most commonly used to support websites and intranets that are driven by large volumes of data, it can also serve as a base to support remote services. These include SOAP, Flash, and websockets. The product is also particularly suited to operate as the server-side mechanism that supports ajax services on the part of Web clients.

The linchpin of the ColdFusion environment is its scripting language, ColdFusion Markup Language, also known as CFML. In terms of its features and capabilities, CFML is roughly equivalent to the scripting engines of PHP, ASP, and JSP. However, it supports a tag syntax that directly reflects HTML, while its programming grammar is closely allied to JavaScript. ColdFusion also supports a variety of third-party application services, including embedded client-side scripts written in CFScript and server-side procedures coded in Actionscript. This object-oriented programming language—supporting the very latest of features, yet deriving from the most rigorous and pioneering tools in the history of interactive development, including HyperCard—makes it a snap to develop websites that target Adobe Flash Player. It also integrates directly with Adobe AIR, enabling seamless development and integration of both mobile and desktop applications, and, in coordination with Scaleform GFx, even enables Buy Now Depot staff to build 3D video game content, including user interfaces and head-up displays (HUD).

The particularly rich set of tags provided by CFML distinguish it from competitive solutions, enabling Buy Now Depot’s software staff to engineer quality solutions to the most complicated business situations within astonishingly brief timeframes. Some tags support the website framework as a whole and orchestrate control flow throughout the length and breadth of an online application. Other tags support a feature-rich set of communication and database manipulation primitives. Particularly strict, yet readily configurable and extensible, security mechanisms enable the ColdFusion environment safely to provide extensible file management services and interface with a vertically deep set of IP-based protocols. There are even tags that offer direct access to the Microsoft Windows registry, enabling ColdFusion applications safely to reconfigure various aspects of the underlying host platform that are entirely beyond the scope of competing development platforms.

An unusually broad and deep feature set makes ColdFusion the language of obvious choice in many circumstances. Its simplified database connector mechanisms and ability to manage cache memory on the part of both clients and servers give it outstanding performance capabilities. Connectors are further available for a host of subordinate services and protocols, including Active Directory, LDAP, Microsoft Exchange Server, and a host of TELNET services, such as FTP, HTTP, POP, and SMTP. The ColdFusion engine also excels as the automatic generation of efficient client-side code, particularly as far as form components and widgets and field validation is concerned. These capabilities make it particularly easy for Buy Now Depot’s expert engineering staff to orchestrate systems that deliver semantically rich services across a tremendous variety of platforms and data feeds.

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