AngularJS is a uniquely powerful Web application framework that is an outgrowth of the unique American brain trust at Google. It supports the increasingly popular open source model that naturally encourages the most talented developers to devote their creative energies to the maintenance and extension of the product. This has resulted in the emergence of AngularJS as a truly best-of-breed solution upon which Buy Now Depot’s software engineers can rely to provide you with the utmost in clean, efficient software of maximum quality, reliability, and performance. The fact that AngularJS forms an integral and vital component of such top-shelf websites as NBC, Intel, Sprint, and the mathematical think tank, Wolfram, means that demonstrates that it is an unquestioned leader in its field and an ideal choice of software platform for your critical applications and the paying customers that they serve to attract, engage, and retain.

Google’s release of AngularJS—fully and solely implemented atop the subjacent JavaScript engine—represented its attempt to address the sticky challenges associated with the development of single-page Web applications. The JavaScript core of the product is complemented by Apache Cordova, a parallel framework that can be used to port AngularJS code to popular mobile computing platforms such as the Android and iOS smartphone operating systems and attendant development stacks. It implements the commonly seen model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern, augmented with the semantic richness of the emergent model-view-view-model (MVVM) pattern. Its framework relies upon a set of extensions and related custom tag attributes that are instantiated within HTML pages. The engine interprets those artifacts as directives that enable it to bind components and features of the page to an underlying model that is represented as a suite of JavaScript variables. The values of these variables and the manner in which they interact are in turn associated with JSON resources that can be retrieved either statically or dynamically.

AngularJS implements an altogether new paradigm in website programming, combining declarative programming that unites logical components and controls user interfaces with imperative programming that is ideally suited to more traditional forays into the underlying business logic. The AngularJS framework enhances and extends traditional HTML in a manner that enables Buy Now Depot’s engineers to take better advantage of the multitude of competing design patterns that can bring more confusion than capability to a complex software development project. The code is able automatically to synchronize underlying models with the views that they support. Thus, it dispenses with the lofty-sounding but often impractical aspects of the domain object model (DOM) and leads to dramatically improved software reliability, performance, verifiability, and security. Now, AngularJS ostensibly relies heavily upon the standard model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern to separate its presentation, data management, and business logic aspects. Yet, it relocates much functionality—including, in particular, view-dependent controllers—from its standard locale in the server to client-side applications, the technology considerably reduces processing strain on the server, thereby dramatically enhancing website throughput and improving responsiveness and overall performance from the perspective of your discriminating, paying clients.

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